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Vogel Library Strategic Plan

January 2024 - December 2025 (Published January 16, 2024)

Strategic Initiative D:
Promote and model open access to information through effective publicly accessible policies

Goal 1: Create a formal database of library and archival policies and procedures

Point Person: Library Director & College Librarian

Supporting: Library Personnel

Narrative: At present, Library policies are infrequently updated, not uniformly formatted, and are not easily accessible. The purpose of the Library is to make information accessible and we uphold that accessibility to our information, our policies, is a part of that. Further, we have many internal procedures documented but not all and few are accessible to individuals in different positions within the Library personnel. With turnover in every position within five years, little documentation exists to support succession planning. All Library personnel will continue to document procedures for the daily operations of the Library which will then be housed in an internal database.

coming soon on a sign - icon created by Aranagraphics at Flaticon   Status: Planned for Jun-Aug 2024 & Jun-Aug 2025

Goal 2: Establish a cohesive onboarding plan for new library personnel and to serve as a resource for the institution for new college employees

Point Person: Library Director & College Librarian

Supporting: Library Personnel, Dean of the Faculty, Human Resources

Narrative: The Library has historically had frequent turnover in all positions preventing much forward momentum and support for new employees. Using the experiences of the most recent hires, the Library will develop a cohesive onboarding plan that supports success in being a new Library employee and embeds the responsibilities and opportunities for all employees of Wartburg College. 

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Goal 3: Develop formal policy for long-term circulation of devices to students with financial hardship

Point Person: Information Literacy and Technology Librarian, Circulation Supervisor

Supporting: Student Life Office, Library Director & College Librarian, Information Technology Services

Narrative: The Library has worked with Student Life to circulate laptops on long-term loan to students experiencing financial hardship and unable or unprepared to make the purchase of such a device. As the program continues to expand, it has become necessary to develop formal policies and expectations to compassionately support students' academic success. 

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