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Vogel Library Strategic Plan

January 2024 - December 2025 (Published January 16, 2024)

Strategic Initiative C:
Honor the Library as a space deserving of its own advancement

Goal 1: Audit signage and furniture to determine most effective uses of each

Point Person: Library Director & College Librarian

Supporting: Interlibrary Loan and Evening Supervisor, Information Literacy and Technology Librarian, Circulation and Student Employee Supervisor

Narrative: In continuation of existing efforts started Summer 2023, the Library will continue to assess and audit furniture to determine best use of the existing physical spaces and how to best utilize current offerings to continue to create an inviting environment. This will also serve as an opportunity to determine if anything can be removed from the Library, repurposed, or if there would be short term advantage to the purchase of something new. Further, a signage inventory will continue to be done to best support patrons in appropriate wayfinding.

coming soon on a sign - icon created by Aranagraphics at Flaticon   Status: Planned for May-Aug 2025

Goal 2: Document best collection development practices for efficient materials accessibility in physical spaces

Point Person: Information Literacy and Student Success Librarian, Information Literacy and Technology Librarian, Information Literacy and Community Engagement Librarian

Supporting: Technical Services Supervisor, Circulation Supervisor

Narrative: Collection development is an important responsibility of library professionals and the appropriate de-acquisition of materials is an essential part of the life cycle of library materials. This process is necessary for healthy, robust collections that can then be more readily accessed by the population the library serves. It is a disservice and ineffectual to maintain holdings that are no longer in use. While the Professional Librarians, aided by the Technical Services Supervisor and Circulation Supervisor, use their professional experience and expertise to responsibly manage this process, no detailed policy currently exists. Without such a policy paired with ongoing development at regular intervals, the process can be both neglected and questioned. A policy will be developed and publicized for equitable access to Library information.

coming soon on a sign - icon created by Aranagraphics at Flaticon   Status: Planned for Jan-Mar 2025

Goal 3: Improve archives catalog for improved materials access to digital spaces

Point Person: College Archivist

Supporting: Information Technology Services

Narrative: While many of the materials currently housed by the Archives are not currently listed in an online catalog, it is a continuing goal of the Archivist in alignment with the purpose of the Archives to continue to both catalog physical and digital materials while also improving the ease of use of the catalog itself. This requires coordination with ITS to investigate the most appropriate systems for this work. It is also the intention to use the Archives catalog as an independent source of information for external researchers accessing digitized materials without having to be sent to an external site.

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