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Vogel Library's Mission and Policies

Our Mission and Vision

Vogel Library seeks to foster learning, inspire discovery, and deepen community through access to our resources, provision of spaces,
and the services of our personnel in support of Wartburg College’s Mission and Common Learning Outcomes.


Vogel Library develops and maintains a physical and digital collection, including official and unofficial records of the college in the Archives, and provides uncensored access to this collection for the college community.


Vogel Library’s personnel serve the personal and educational development of the Wartburg community through good stewardship of our resources and spaces, respectful patron interactions, and embedded information literacy instruction supporting the curriculum


Vogel Library creates inclusive, safe spaces that facilitate collaboration, engagement, communication, and ethical educational development while respecting the diversity of the Wartburg community.


Vogel Library commits to supporting and developing all its employees in pursuit of professional and personal development.

Vogel Library, Wartburg College   |   100 Wartburg Blvd, Waverly, IA, 50677 |   Phone: 319-352-8500   | Email: