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Faculty Resources

Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

The Searching Squirrel, a Library Newsletter: Nov 2021


Faculty Development Collection photo

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1. Ambush Makeover, Faculty Dev. Collection edition

  • Did you know there is a section of the collection that is specifically for faculty development? Well, there is--it lives in the Faculty Development Room on the 1st floor of the library (#120). We've given the space a little makeover--come check it out!
  • Got suggestions for books to add? Got ideas for how to use this space? Got an opinion about whether this is important to keep or if it should be absorbed into the regular stacks? We're interested in your thoughts and the future of this mini-collection.

Witchipedia photo(right-click View Image to see larger)

2. This Fall, Make Wikipedia Your Witch!

  • Do you tell students they can use Wikipedia to "get started" or "for ideas from the works cited"? Did you know there is a ~deep knowledge~ way to use Wikipedia that is more powerful? The first information students encounter will frame the topic in their mind without them even knowing it. Check out our "Witchipedia" display on the bulletin board at the library's 2nd floor entrance, up all this month, to see how students can bend Wikipedia to their will.
three new instruments photo

3. New world music instruments

  • We've added a Celtic lyre, a balalaika, and a shakuhachi to our M. Paula Survilla Collection of World Instruments. Some of these items aren't quite ready for checkout, but we couldn't resist sharing the excitement. Once everything is tuned and cased--sometime this month--you can come explore these new additions!
  • PS The music instruments have a one-week checkout period.

Screenshot of trial databases

4. Trial databases - Anchor Bible resources

  • Bloomsbury has done the Lord's work (haha) and digitized the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary and the Anchor Yale Bible Commentaries. You can get to both of these on our Databases A-Z page, where it is always easy to see what databases are on trial--they are listed to the right.
Vogel Libray logo

5. Thanksgiving and Christmas with Wartburg hours

  • The library hours will change a bit around the Thanksgiving break and Saturday, December 4th. Be sure to always check on our hours page to see when we're open and closed.

That's all for now! Head over to the FAQ page if you have any questions.

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