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Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

The Searching Squirrel, a Library Newsletter: Summer 2022



1. Be Aware: Understaffed Librarians

This spring/summer we are saying goodbye to two librarians, Heidi and Jill. That leaves only one librarian while position requests are approved and then searches are conducted. Please be aware that Melissa Curtis, the remaining librarian, is committed to her primary duties of liaising to the Social Sciences, Education,  Journalism & Communication, and Leadership. She will help out with other issues that come up in realistic ways.



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2. Fall 2022: apply the same Info Lit from 2021!

In the fall of 2021, continue to interact with students' basic information literacy skills the same way we did in 2021:

  1. Students will take 2 tutorials in their IS 101 courses, on searching and evaluation.
  2. Sometimes you teach first-years in the fall term before they have taken the IS 101 tutorials. If this happens, be on the lookout, and tell the student to take the tutorials when they need them for your class (don't wait until the IS 101 assigned date if the student needs that information before that).
  3. All older students can be referred back to the tutorials and the foundations guide. Students who need additional help can be referred to the librarian.
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3. Equity update to the 200s

During our Collection Update for Currency Project, we noticed that the “Religion” section of the Dewey Decimal Classification system is extremely Christian-centric. We are planning to update our classification scheme to be more inclusive this summer; this change also aligns with the evolution of the religion department in aspects such as the change from RE 101 to RE 102. Learn more on the Collection Update guide.

Hey, it's been a ride here for the past 12 years. I'm proud of the work I've accomplished, of Wartburg students' hearts for service, and the dedication Wartburg faculty and staff have to the students.

Head over to the FAQ page if you have any questions.

So long, and thanks for all the squirrels...


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