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Faculty Resources

Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

The Searching Squirrel, a Library Newsletter: March 2021

1. Squirrel's new nest

  • We've moved The Searching Squirrel's nest to here on the Faculty Resources guide. That way, all your links to good information can be in one place! Of particular interest may be the "More faculty FAQs" page--be sure to view the drop-down options to find what you need.

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2. Still a good reminder--3 Evaluation Questions to replace PATS acronym

  • If you didn't get a chance to read about the 3 Evaluation Questions we'll be using as our official evaluation tool, take a few minutes to look at our overview. Click here to learn more!
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3. Collection Update for Currency Project

  • We are embarking on a multi-year project to update our collection. We're excited about how this project will serve students with a more accurate print collection and facilitate our collection goals to support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more on our project guide.
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4. Library E/D/I initiatives

  • Although the library profession has along history of enforcing white supremacy, the last two years have seen a massive uptick in awareness and efforts to do right. The Vogel Library permanent staff and student workers are together doing the work of examining our policies, procedures, spaces, and ourselves for systemic inequity and bias. This work is summarized here.
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5. Surveys of the (previous) Months:

That's all for now! Head over to the FAQ page if you have any questions.

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