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Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

Ref Works - our subscription Citation Management service

RefWorks citation manager

Vogel Library subscribes to RefWorks, a robust, cloud-based citation manager. This citation manager can do everything from aggregate your citations to create a bibliography for you within Word to share citations among others for group projects.

What if I'm used to a different citation manager?

Whatever citation manager you used previously, you should be able to upload your data into RefWorks. We encourage you to watch the RefWorks YouTube playlist for getting started; once you are familiar with RefWorks, you'll be comfortable recommending it to and using it with your students as well.

What if my Wartburg laptop won't let me download the RefWorks app to integrate my citations in Word?

Not being able to access the App store in Microsoft Word is an unfortunate effect of the college's need to disable the app store for security reasons on all Wartburg-owned devices. If your device is not Wartburg-owned, this will likely not be an issue for you.

Faculty hired prior to 2021 may still be able to add Word integration feature by following these steps:

1. In the RefWorks interface, click on "Tools" on the top line menu bar.

RefWorks screenshot

2. Choose "Explore Additional Tools to Improve Your Workflow" from the drop-down menu

RefWorks screenshot.

3. Under Write-n-Cite, choose the Office 32-bit version and complete the resulting steps.

RefWorks screenshot

Be aware that adding this to Word may initiate a message upon opening all Word documents that Word is unable to locate trace logs. I am looking for whether that can be resolved.

Here is the first video in RefWorks introductory playlist:

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