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Faculty Resources: Materials of
Faculty Interest

Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

Wish the library had something we don't have?

We'd love to get your input on how our collections can better support your courses.

Use the following links to submit suggestions on new periodicals or materials for the library collection, or contact your liaison librarian.

Students not performing quality research?

Choice Reviews: Keep Up with New Academic Materials

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Academic Pass Activation for the NYTimes

Vogel Library has purchased access to the New York Times for
students, faculty and staff at Wartburg.

To register for your academic pass:

1. Visit
new account welcome screen image


2. Click "Create Account". In the next screen, create an account using your Wartburg email address.

3. Click "Create Account". You should now be logged in to the NY Times website. You will receive a confirmation email in your Wartburg email inbox.

4. For future browsing, just go directly to the NY Times website & log in to your account for full access.

Students' access will last until graduation.

Faculty have access for 1-year, and it is renewable.