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Faculty Resources

Explanation of the ILAC Plan (Information Literacy Across the Curriculum) plus common research-related resources for faculty

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives within the library

Libraries and the history of white supremacy

Vogel Library acknowledges that the profession of librarianship has a history of enforcing white supremacy, racism, and oppression. We support the ALA's commitment to diversity, statements, and resolutions to do better in equity and inclusion.

Within Vogel Library's sphere of influence, we are working on/have been working on several initiatives, some of which are already in practice, and some of which are in development.

Vogel Library Collection

The Vogel librarians are committed to managing the various collections in order to provide access to content that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive. We achieve this through acquisition of resources created by and representing a diverse array of identities, as well as acquiring content that is itself inclusive and socially just. Our Collection Update for Currency project will also remove a lot of inequitable content as a byproduct of managing for currency.

During the summer of 2020, Vogel Librarians also set up an online guide linking our community to the many books and DVDs the library owns that can help everyone with their personal development of examining white privilege, bias, and systemic racism. We ultimately had to unpublish the guide due to unforeseen url linking issues. Even so, you only have to search OneSearch for any of those keywords to be connected to the same books and videos. You can also suggest a purchase to us using this form, if there is a resource you'd like that we don't already have.

Library Spaces

Vogel Library staff is working on analysis of our spaces both in terms of accessibility for all abilities and a welcoming vibe for all identities.

Library Services

Vogel Library staff reviewed our circulation policies in December 2020. From that, we decided on a two-stage revision that will ultimately extend loan periods and eliminate late fees for most items. This should help balance some of the unequal treatment of students from lower socioeconomic situations.

Library Personnel

Permanent Staff: Most of our library staff participated in an Iowa Library Association "Equityin Libraries" webinar in January 2021. From that, the library staff is working through a D/E/I Toolkit provided by the speaker, Dr. Adrienne Coleman, from Candid Conversations Matter. The toolkit is essentially a mini-course working through privilege and bias awareness. Following this, the library staff will also participate in further ILA professional development that will look specifically into library policies and procedures.

Several of the permanent staff also continuously pursue professional development and educational opportunities for diversity training on their own.

Library Student Workers: Jill Westen created a small reading and discussion series in the Winter of 2021 as a way for the library student workers to engage in ideas addressing three main ways that libraries often fail their patrons: access for people with disabilities, spaces that are inclusive for all--African American students in particular, and services and collections for LGBTQ+ students.

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