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Vogel Library's Mission and Policies

What is TRAC?

TRAC (Two Rivers Alma Cooperative) is a resource sharing program between academic libraries in Iowa that use the same library system (Alma). As a Vogel Library patron, you can request items from these libraries through the TRAC Request form. The physical items will be mailed to Vogel Library and you will be notified via email when they arrive. You can come to the library circulation desk to check out the items.

Additionally, you can visit each of these libraries in person and use your Wartburg ID as a library card in their library! Do you live near UNI? Feel free to visit the Rod Library and tell them you are a Vogel Library patron and you can use your Wartburg ID to check out their items.

Libraries we partner with:

Allen College
Grinnell College
Grand View University
Hawkeye Community College
Iowa State University
Saint Ambrose University
University of Iowa
University of Northern Iowa

Policies & Information

TRAC loans have a 120 day loan period with no renewals.

Items normally arrive within 3-5 days, but allow additional time for weekends, holidays, weather, and other outside factors.

Note that TRAC resource sharing is a separate service from Interlibrary Loan. You may also utilize Interlibrary Loan to request physical items (books, music scores, DVDs, CDs), book chapters and full-text articles held at other libraries around the world. Click here to submit an interlibrary loan request.

When searching, check Vogel owned items first, then TRAC, and if those searches fail, you can request items through Interlibrary Loan.

Where can I pick up my TRAC item?

TRAC items can be picked up at the Vogel library. You will receive an email when the item has arrived and is ready for pickup.

Alternatively, in the request form, you can request pickup at another TRAC Partner library of your choosing. For instance, a Wartburg student who is in Iowa City for the summer may request a book from Grinnell, have it delivered to the University of Iowa for pick up, and use their Wartburg ID to check the item out.

Where do I return my TRAC items?

TRAC items can be returned to Vogel library and we will mail them back to the owning library. Alternatively, you can return the book in person to any of the TRAC partner libraries (listed above).

Do I need to have my Wartburg ID card?

Yes, your Wartburg ID card is required to borrow TRAC items at any TRAC Partner Library.

Searching for TRAC Items

In our OneSearch Advanced Search view, you'll find the option to search for items in our TRAC Partner library catalogs at the top right. Just select the radio button labeled TRAC Partner Libraries and begin searching.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot


Brief record view:

After you have conducted a search, you'll see a brief record view of results. It is recommended that you sign in to your Wartburg account at this point.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot


Library Limiters and the Full Record:

On the right side, you'll also see a limiter for Institution. If you click on that, it will explode to show you all the libraries that have items with your keyword(s). You can select a specific library to narrow your search, if you'd like.

Click the "Check for available services" link to access the item's Full Record and view which libraries have this item and put in a request.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot


Full record view:

Notice that the record reads "No available services for this item". This means that Vogel Library does not have this item and you need to request it from another library.

Look at the GET IT FROM OTHER INSTITUTIONS section to see which Iowa libraries do have the item. Click the "Available in institution" link to request the item from that institution.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot


Library Information & Request Link:

The first thing you'll see is some details about the item in the other Iowa library, such as location and call number. You'll also see a Request link.

Click the Request link to open the Request Form.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot


Request Form:

The Request Form for a TRAC library item will default to the library you've selected from the list (in this case, Grinnell). Since you are logged in to your library account, the TRAC Request is automatically assigned to your account. Just fill out the form and click Send Request.

TRAC OneSearch catalog screenshot

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