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Business Research


Tip: Many search engines and databases recognize North American Industry Codes (NAICS) assigned to each industry by the U.S. Federal Government. You can look up your industry's NAICS code and then plug it in to BSC or the U.S. Census Bureau. This is a very efficient way to search! 

Databases that offer Industry Information

Trade Associations

Trade associations or organizations are made up of people who work in a certain industry or market. They can be a powerful networking tool and can offer career opportunities as you build your resume. Their websites often include current news, statistics, and industry reports from your field. Some information is free, while membership may offer additional information.

You can often locate the trade organization for your industry through a calculated Google Search. Try searching for your product or industry AND (organization OR association) in a Google Search. There may be trade associations or organizations at different steps in the distribution of merchandise, so watch for those clues on the website. 

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