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Business Research

Technology is fallible

At Vogel, we teach you to use the limiters within the databases to your advantage. This can help narrow your search and improve the efficiency of your searching process. Unfortunately, just using a limiter and trusting it as fact can lead you astray. There are two known issues that you should be aware of, so you are doing a critical check before you take the database at its word.

1. By using the limiter "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" you may still get book reviews and editorials or introductions to those journals. Those would not count as a "peer reviewed article" even though they appeared in a "peer reviewed journal." Look for visual clues that should override your reliance on the database limiters. 

Book Review

Editorial Introduction

2. Most of the times, limiting by source works, but occasionally something will slip through the cracks. Often you can tell the difference between a trade publication article and an academic article just by looking at the formatting. If you are struggling to differentiate, you can always look the publication up in the Ulrich's Global Series Directory (link below) that Vogel subscribes to and confirm the source type.

Trade Publication

Scholarly Journal

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