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Knight Reading 2023-2024: Everyday Ubuntu

Embrace Our Diversity

In echoes of earlier lessons reflecting on the importance of perspective and putting yourself in the shoes of others, embracing diversity is vital to community in the spirit of ubuntu. It is not limited to acknowledging or understanding the role of diversity and a diverse community of people and ideas, it means to celebrate it. To do so it is also important to embrace humility as "in order to embrace diversity, humility is necessary so we can take time to look for our similarities" (p. 154).

  • What challenges in your life could be softened by humility?
  • What does it mean to you to celebrate diversity?

Additional Context

There is a broad spectrum when it comes to diversity as we are in continual interaction with people of different backgrounds and experiences. Referenced in Everyday Ubuntu, a study from the Royal Society for Public Health and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation discusses agism and public health in the U.K and how these prejudices leads to exclusion. We can combat stereotypes and prejudice by celebrating diversity and by examining ourselves. This often means exercising greater empathy as supported by an article on the neuroscience of empathy from the Association for Psychological Science. 

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