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Knight Reading 2023-2024: Everyday Ubuntu

See Yourself in Other People

Lesson 1 briefly discusses the anti-apartheid struggles throughout South Africa as "a response to the colonization and oppression of black, colored and Asian South Africans" (p.20). It goes on to discuss that the individual is built on the exposure to and experiences of others, that this forms the basis of the idea of ubuntu. The author discusses the role her family has had in shaping her, including her grandfather, Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

  • Who has shaped you?
  • Who has shaped you outside of your family?
  • Who have you shaped?

Additional Context

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, was established in 1999 following the completion of Nelson Mandela's presidency. The foundation has since gone on to raise charitable funds for educational research, the development of schools in rural communities, advocacy of ongoing social issues particularly surrounding race and ethnicity, and HIV/AIDS research.

Mandela rose to fame during the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa that sought to end racial segregation throughout the country. The lengthy and deadly history of apartheid devastated people, tore families apart, and legalized racism. Mandela was sentenced to prison after 27 years for his role in anti-apartheid organization and action. 

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