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Knight Reading 2023-2024: Everyday Ubuntu

Believe in the Good of Everyone

In efforts to recognize the good in everyone, we cannot limit ourselves to the teachings of Lesson 3 where we include another person's perspective. We have to extend that conversation inward to examine our own bias and how they prevent us from even accessing the ability to consider a different perspective. This comes in many forms such as repeating stereotypes found in entertainment, intentionally perpetuating negative commentary based on a demographic, or even unconsciously reacting to a situation. 

  • Are you aware of a time when someone failed to see the good in you? What did it feel like?
  • How do you confront bias?

Additional Context

The reticulating activating system allows us "direct our attention" (p. 102) and can play a role in creating internal bias that we then must work to confront. For more information, consider:

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