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Streaming Film Databases

Revised and expanded explanations of how to make our streaming film options work for you!

Embedding Kanopy video in Canvas

Kanopy Embedding in Canvas

To embed a Kanopy film in Canvas, follow these steps:

1. Find your selected video through Kanopy (or submit a request) and click on the "Share" tab as noted in image below.

screen shot of chosen Kanopy video

2. Copy the "Embed This Video". The copy button is in the white box in the image below.

screen shot of Kanopy embed code

3. In another window, open your Canvas course and specific page you want to embed the video on. Click on the "Embed" button (the icon with the cloud and arrows <>).

screenshot of course page in Canvas with Embed but

4. Paste the copied embed code into the text box and click submit. 

screenshot of Kanopy embed code pasted

5. Click the "Submit" button and your chosen video will populate the screen. Click the "Save" button on the button of the course page.

screenshot of embedded Kanopy video on a course page

6. After clicking "Save," it would look like the image below. 

screenshot of embedded Kanopy video on a course page

Embedding Kanopy video in my.wartburg


Embedding in My.Wartburg

To embed a Kanopy film in my.wartburg, follow these steps:

  1. Add an element to a my.wartburg page that will open the html text box. Several pages give you the option to do this, including the Blog and Free-form pages.
  2. Click the "source code" option--it looks like html carrots : < >.Screen shot of the source code icon
  3. In another window, open Kanopy and navigate to your preferred film.
  4. Click on the "Share" option, click on the "embed" option, and copy the embed code.
  5. Return to the my.wartburg window and paste the embed code into the "source code" box. Save.
  6. The film should now display as embedded.
  7. We recommend also linking to the permalink (found on the same "Share" menu as the embed code) underneath the embedded video AND listing this navigational path: Library homepage > Databases A-Z > Kanopy > [search the film title]. This gives students 2 additional workarounds in case the embedding does not play.

Do not follow the recommended procedure of choosing "show external remote content" on a free-form page. Kanopy films will not display.

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