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Information Literacy at Wartburg College

More about ILAC, the Information Literacy Across the Curriculum program at Wartburg

ILAC at Wartburg - Overview

Information Literacy at Wartburg

At Wartburg, information literacy is embedded in the Plan of Essential Education. This is referred to as ILAC: Information Literacy Across the Curriculum. Critical information literacy skills and concepts are scaffolded throughout the college career. Introductory skills are taught in IS 101 and reinforced in additional general education courses such as IS 201, EN 115, and Com 112. Developing skills are integrated into the majors, enhanced throughout, and then assessed at the proficient level, usually in the capstone.


Students will make effective use of library and other information resources in order to participate as knowledgeable, responsible members within their disciplines and society.

ILAC Outcomes

  • Students will strategically find information appropriate to their learning tasks. [WLOs 2]
  • Students will perceptively evaluate and choose information appropriate to their learning tasks. [WLOs 2 & 4]
  • Students will effectively and ethically use information appropriate to their learning tasks. [WLOs 2 & 4]

How does this affect what Faculty do?

If you have 1st years in your course and you assign research:

  • Check in with them to see if they have taken the IS 101 tutorials yet. If not, they should take them at that time so they know the basics for your coursework. This is most important in the Fall term, as many won't take the tutorial until later.
  • If you have other students who need a review, refer them to the Foundations in Research guide, then refer to a librarian if that doesn't take.

If you have additional research needs beyond the basics:

  • Contact your liaison librarian to discover the most effective method to deliver that content (it isn't necessarily an in-person session).

Common Language change: 3 Questions for Evaluation

  • Read through the Evaluation information on this guide and talk to your librarian to learn more.

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