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Information Literacy at Wartburg College

More about ILAC, the Information Literacy Across the Curriculum program at Wartburg

How can faculty develop the research skills and concepts in the major?


At Wartburg, students' critical information literacy is further developed within each major and program. Usually, a developing course is where discipline-specific research is first introduced. This content is enhanced in further courses in the major, culminating in performance at proficiency level, usually in the capstone, that is assessed by each program.

What are you developing?

Faculty can focus on building more complex and nuanced understandings of the same content learned in IS 101:

  • Connect the basic searching strategies to discipline-specific strategies
  • Enhance the 3 evaluation questions to encompass more difficult and discipline-specific scenarios
  • Examine the construction of authority in the discipline and how this interacts with equity and inclusion
  • Address how to responsibly use real-world sources and the effect and purpose of rhetoric

Your liaison librarian is here to collaborate with you to find the best method for integrating this content throughout the major.

Developing research skills in the major for faculty infographic

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