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Information Literacy at Wartburg College

More about ILAC, the Information Literacy Across the Curriculum program at Wartburg

What do first-year students know?


At Wartburg, students learn the foundations of research in IS 101, the first-year seminar. Other general education courses reinforce those same basic skills.

What to expect from students

These are the basic skills and concepts taught in IS 101: using OneSearch and ProQuest Central databases, basic search filtering options, basic search commands, and the 3 Evaluation questions. See the infographic below for a visual.

How to review it

If students need a review or haven't received this lesson yet, refer them to this online guide (also linked below). You may need to do this most often for students who came with transfer credits and thus missed IS 101, EN 115, or Com 112, and students who take a research course their first semester before the IS 101 lesson has been given.

How to build on it

It's important to build on these skills using the same language everyone uses. See more on the "How can faculty develop in the major?" and "Evaluation" pages on this guide.

What do first-year students know about research infographic

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