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Sociology Research

Sociology Databases

NOTE: If you're in SO 101 use these databases first!

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Multidisciplinary Databases

Additional library subscription databases that cover topics highly relevant to Sociology include:

Google Scholar (Advanced)

Google Scholar (Advanced)

Google Scholar appeals to lots of folks because it is a free web search engine that appeals to our love of a Google Search. Instead of the entire open web, however, Google Scholar indexes only the scholarly literature portion of Google. This can include peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, theses and dissertations, and more. 

  • Google Scholar results often lead you to a great abstract that you cannot access without payment. The number of times this happens can be limited if you link your Google Scholar account to your Vogel Library access. If even the Library Links can't get you the article you need, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. Contact me anytime to help you do so!
  • Google Scholar results seem to prioritize older articles. This is because they sort their relevant results based on the popularity of both the publication in which the source appears and the author of the source. This can limit you from seeing new scholars or scholars who may be more marginalized in their fields. Remember, while peer review is considered a pretty effective system, it's still shaped by the culture in which it exists, and at this time, some voices hold more weight in academic circles than others.
  • Searching Google Scholar feels a lot like searching Google, which appeals to our everyday behavior of information searching.
  • The advanced search functionality and the "cited by" option provide options many paid databases do not provide.

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