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Sociology Research

Citation Styles

ASA (American Sociological Association) format is used by sociologists preparing manuscripts for publication. ASA style is based on The Chicago Manual of Style.

Professors often make clear in their assignment guidelines their expectations for style usage. Many require discipline-specific styles in major courses while allowing more choice in non-major (SO 101) courses. 

Always make sure you are clear on the assignment expectations.

American Sociological Association (ASA)

American Sociological Association (ASA)

Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Purdue's Online Writing Lab commonly referred to as Purdue OWL is an online resource that supplements Purdue's writing lab. Over time it has become a go-to resource for faculty and students alike. If getting to Vogel to check out the APA Publication Manual can't happen, Purdue OWL is a wonderful online resource to use for your citation needs.



Citations: A Short Guide

Citing Sources: a short guide 


A way to structure pieces of information about the sources whose ideas and words you used when creating your paper, presentation, speech, etc. 


  • Authors/Scholars 

  • Research organizations 

  • Public/Governmental organizations 



  • In-text ---> short and long quotations, summary/paraphrasing, tables, pictures  

  • Reference page, typically at the end of the paper, presentation, etc. 


  • Helps your audience find these sources for themselves  

  • Shows the quality of your research per your use of diverse types of sources 

  • Gives credit to others for their ideas, thoughts, and challenging work — avoid plagiarism  

  • Demonstrates you know how to use information responsibly, ethically, and intelligently  


  • APA (social sciences, education, business, comm) 

  • MLA (English, comm) 

  • Chicago (music history) 

  • Turabian (religion, history, art) 

  • ASA (sociology) 

  • AP (Associated Press) (news) 

  • ACS (Chemistry) 

  • Wartburg Biology Writing Style 

  • CSE (Sciences) 


Parts of a Citation


Citation Management Made Easier!

Vogel Library provides access to RefWorks, a powerful citation management tool. Using a citation management tool will assist you in organizing and storing research articles and creating bibliographies. All faculty, students, and staff can set up a free RefWorks account:

  1. Go to the RefWorks login page (linked below)
  2. Click "Create Account"
  3. Sign up using your Wartburg email account

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