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Equipment, Technology, and Games

Vogel library offers a wide array of equipment, technology, games, and leisure equipment

3D Printing at Vogel Library

Vogel Library offers 3D printing services to current students, faculty, and staff of Wartburg College. 

Printer & Materials

Vogel Library uses a LulzBot® TAZ 6. This printer uses 3 mm PLA filament, a bioplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch. It is available in a variety of colors, which can be viewed at the ELITE Consultant station in the library. Most commonly used for educational and architectural models, artifact replicas, and prototypes, PLA can also be treated with a variety of post-processing techniques. It is a popular choice for users creating objects such as costume props and figurines that will be painted after they are printed. PLA is somewhat brittle so it is not recommended for thin, high strength applications.

3D Printing

3 Steps To 3D Printing

  1. Find files online at sites like (.STL files only) or create your own with 3D modeling tools such as TinkerCAD.
  2. Put the file on a USB flash drive and bring it to the library to be printed. Cost: 5¢/gram.
  3. Review with an ELITE Consultant.

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