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Vogel Library World Music Instrument Collection

Explore the world of music right here on campus!



Choose an instrument: View the pages here to help you decide what you'd like to explore.

Check out at desk: Each instrument is on permanent reserve, so you must ask for it at the circulation desk. Check out time is one week!

Responsibility Form: You will also be asked to sign a short acknowledgement of responsibility form. You will only have to fill out the form the first time--after that, we will have it on file.

Thank you! Now explore this exciting collection.

Quality and Courses

The instruments are meant to be representatives of their types, not authentic examples. So, for example, the didgeridoo is made of synthetic material, not wood--but a wood didgeridoo is cost-prohibitive for our budget, and would also require more care (and incur more fines if damage occured). The highest quality as appropriate to a lending item was chosen in each case; the collection is meant to inspire interest and we hope it will do just that.

The primary courses this collection supports are IS201:09, MU 252, and Music Therapy fieldwork.

Meet Your Librarian

Jill Westen, MFA, MLIS

  • jill.westen[at]
  • 319-352-8348

"I minored in Piano Performance in undergrad; I also play guitar and trombone and a little bit of every one of our world music instruments. I love bringing the collection out into the community and have already done so, from 2nd graders to senior citizens!"

Teaching the St. Paul's 2nd graders about our world instruments (and 5 months pregnant).

LIAISON AREAS: Art, English & Modern Languages, History, Music and Music Therapy, Religion & Philosophy. EN112, IS 101, and IS 201 Coordinator. ILAC Coordinator.