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Annotated Bibliographies: Examples

General guidelines for writing annotations for your sources.

Professor Variations Disclaimer

Does your prof want paragraph or full-page annotations?


Craft your ideas into coherent, flowing sentences and paragraphs whatever the length.


For specific format rules, check with your professor.

Standard paragraph-long annotations

It is generally standard for an annotation to be 200-250 words (one paragraph). Below is a real 7-source annotated bibliography. Check it out to see how the format and sentence structure work.

Full-Length Annotation

This is an example of one full-length annotation. Notice how, by the time the author reaches the end, s/he has answered all 9 of the Engeldinger questions.

Also notice how the answers to the questions are implicit--the student has written sentences that weave the answers together as a coherent annotation and not as a patched-together list of information.

In MLA style.