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Annotated Bibliographies: What is an

General guidelines for writing annotations for your sources.

What is an Annotation?

WHY does it exist?

  • "AnNOT[E]ation
    • A note that comments on source.
  • Why do this at all?
    • To show you've read it, understand it, analyzed it, and applied it--whether to summarize, evaluate its use, or review it.
  • Why can't you just write a summary?
    • We already have those--they're called abstracts. They don't ask you to engage with the text for analysis, evaluation, and application.

WHAT is it exactly?

Three parts (thanks, Owl at Purdue):

  1. Summarize: What was it about, and what were the conclusions?
  2. Assess: Evaluate the source based on criteria.
  3. Reflect: How will this be incorporated into your own research