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Annotated Bibliographies: How do I find out
about the author?

General guidelines for writing annotations for your sources.

Where to Find the Credibility Information for Sources


  • Database = on article page or link to a bio or description
  • Website = search with quotes like "New York Times" and look for  "About" or "Publishing Standards" or "Qualifications"
  • Wikipedia page = beware of any suspiciously positive or negative information



  • Book Itself = Front/back flap or pages
  • Website = of Author or Publisher
  • Wikipedia = beware suspicious negative or positive spin



  • "About" page = OR "Credentials," "Who We Are, "Mission, "Purpose"
  • Impossible to find = what are they hiding? Why? Why would you use it, then?
  • Click as many times into the information as you need to truly understand who is responsible for the information--sometimes it may be 5 consecutive clicks in or more



  • Web search = quotes around full name, e.g. "Junot Diaz." Interviews can work. Add inurl:edu if scholarly.
  • Impossible to find = Are they dead? Are they hiding?


Finding an Author: One Example

Let's say you searched using inurl:edu for a website (to get webpages from colleges to show up--often by profs, sometimes by students).

You find this page and it looks good.

Now what about the author?

Most professors will have a bio page at the college for which they teach.

Use these same techniques to find author bio information for many types of authors.