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NEH Grant Project Instructions

NEH Grant Overview

What is the NEH Grant Project and what do I do?

The NEH Grant Project is a collection of KWWL video files on different news subjects. There are about 30 KWWL drives (see partial list below), each of which contains about 50 to 100 KWWL video files that need to be edited.

Your task is to watch/go over each original video file of your assigned KWWL drive, where you will trim and separate the clips in the file. The program that you will be using to edit the video files is Adobe Premiere Pro.

After the original videos are trimmed and clipped, you will enter basic information (also called metadata) about the files and their contents into an excel sheet.


You will be expected to deliver three pieces for every original video file that you complete.

  1. Premiere project file saved for each video file
  2. A file folder containing each of the MP4 clips created
  3. An Excel Document including Clip-Item entries completed for each clip

How to Access Your Drive

Your assigned drive can be found by opening the File Explorer and following pathway:

Data (//\shared)(s:) -> Archive_Processing -> KWWL Drive [your #].

Always double check that you are saving in YOUR DRIVE. These are shared computers, and it is very easy to lose files by accidently saving in the wrong place.

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