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ID 385: Vietnam War

Getting Started

Getting Started

The way that you use encyclopedias to get started may vary depending on the direction of your topic.

Credo Reference

Nearly everyone will benefit from getting an overview of their topic ideas through encyclopedias searched in the Credo Reference database. Give your topic a try in here and see what you find.

Explore discipline-specific use of encyclopedias or getting started sources

Find the guide that relates to the discipline that encompasses your topic. There are likely tips and tricks for both strategies and sources relevant to you.

Two Encyclopedia Examples

Read the descriptions of the two encyclopedias below to see the different types of encyclopedias that exist--you may find that a traditional overview encyclopedia helps you or that you need something a little different.

Both of these examples have to do with the Vietnam War itself. We have encyclopedias on nearly every subject, not just historical ones.

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