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Sociology Research: SO101 - Sundblad

Examining Social Behavior

Welcome to your course page! 

In this course, you will choose a topic or issue of your choice originating from the many social phenomenon addressed in SO 101 and then examine this topic through a particular theoretical lens you learned in class. Use this page and the tabs above to help jump start your research. 

Remember that directions and deadlines for the Term Paper Assignment are described in Professor Sundblad's syllabus. 

Steps to a Successful Paper

  GATHERING BACKGROUND INFORMATION: As you begin to dig into a new topic, explore general information first. 

This will enable you to:

  • gather background about the topic: names, dates, spellings, important concepts & issues, etc.
  • develop ideas for how to narrow to subtopics for deeper consideration
  • build vocabulary and specific terms to use as keywords and descriptors
  • gain knowledge to move your investigation into more specific sources of information.

  FINDING SPECIFIC INFORMATION: The next step is to examine the scholarly literature available on the topic you select. 

Make sure that you are clear about what constitutes "scholarly" so you can:

  • Identify the scholarly literature.
  • Examine what your sources say about the topic and related research or studies.
  • Compare and contrast the points of view.
  • Apply a theoretical perspective that helps you to understand your topic and find research to back this up.

  ADD IN NEWS MEDIA: Follow up by seeing how your topic is reported by the press and/or popular media

  • See the FIND NEWS MEDIA box on this page for suggestions.

Questions to consider as you dig in:

  • Is this of interest to the public?  Why or why not?
  • Who does it affect or include?
  • Can you locate history or other reasons on why this topic continues to make the news?
  • Can you distinguish between facts and opinion as you learn more?
  • What questions does the media coverage address or not address that pertain to sociological perspective?

  GIVE CREDIT: It's important to cite your references appropriately.  You can pick either APA or ASA style. 


 ASHLEY IS YOUR COURSE LIBRARIAN: Notice that all Ashley's contact info is in the box on the HOME tab of this guide.  

News Media

Image result for news media image

1.  If you are on this box, you already located an overview source and also possibly your scholarly journal articles.

2.  It's time to find 6 news media articles.

3.  These will be from "popular" sources, written by journalists or people with an interest in the topic who are not necessarily disciplinary experts.

4.  This box will lead you to databases with newspapers and magazines.