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Sociology Research: Overview

Building Background

As you begin to research a new topic, explore general background information first.

You will gain:

  • ideas for how to broaden or narrow your focus.
  • specific terms to use in your investigation.
  • names of important people for that topic.
  • timelines of related dates and events.
  • suggested sources to investigate further.

Contemporary Issues Series

Contemporary World Issues is a series of books, where each book covers a "hot topic" in the recent news. The contents include background, problems and solutions, worldwide perspective, chronology, biographical sketches, documents, related organizations, and resources.

To search only the books in this series type "a reference handbook" AND "ABC-CLIO" into the advanced library catalog search and limit your search to "Available in Library"

Some examples include:

General Overview Sources

Print Sociology References

There are many overview sources available in the library's collection that cover issues like crime & deviance, popular culture, demography, education, family, gender, health, organizations, race, religion, social problems, urbanization, and much more. Just search the library's online catalog.

To locate all of the reference collection holdings at Vogel limit your keyword search in OneSearch to "Reference Entries." 

Some examples include: