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Music Therapy - Courses & Research

Background information

Find background on a condition or therapy method

Encyclopedias, advocacy organization websites, government agency websites, handbooks, manuals, and introductions in regular books can all provide background on conditions and music therapy methods.

1: Encyclopedias

Use general keywords to see if there is a summary or definition related to your condition in Credo Reference.

2. Websites

Some conditions will be described on websites--advocacy organizations, government information pages, health organizations, or statistical and data sites. Use the three evaluation questions (What is it? Why do I care? What does it really say?) to determine what you're looking at, why you care, and whether it says what is useful.

3. Handbooks, Manuals, etc

Books with "handbook" or "manual" in the title often have good descriptions of conditions. Yo ucan try searching for these keywords with a larger topic in OneSearch.

For example, try these searches:

  • "Music therapy" AND handbook
  • Children health AND handbook

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