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SP 321 - Spanish for Professions: Evaluating Sources Assignment

Assignment - see Syllabus for due date

In-Class Strategizing January 22

In-Class: Strategy

Create a strategy for sources within your group.

  • What sources have applicable credibility for your product? You will likely have several kinds of sources that are credible for what you need, so think perceptively and broadly.
    • Try to brainstorm at least 5 different source types for this to show me when I see your group.
    • If there aren't 5, obviously don't force it.
  • Where will you find these sources?
    • Specifically, write down the name of the database, website, or physical place in the real world you'll find these source types--I want to see the details.
  • Now actually locate these sources so you can show them to me when I see your group.
    • You should be able to literally point to where you've found a source and discuss why you might choose it.

The Search Process--See Where You're At

Where do you see yourself right now in the search process?

Sometimes it's good to know that it gets better.


Source: Carol Kuhlthau, Rutgers Emeritus Professor Page.

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