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Wartburg Archives Procedure Manual: Selection &

Procedure manual for staff, student workers, interns and volunteers of Wartburg College Archives and Archives of Iowa Broadcasting.

Selection and Appraisal

Appraisal of archival records involves consideration of their enduring value, based on the administrative, legal, fiscal, evidential or historical information they contain. The Archivist will select materials to be accepted, and arrange for their transfer to the Wartburg Archives.

The selection and appraisal process are guided by the collection policy documents for Wartburg Archives and the Archives of Iowa Broadcasting. In brief, types of materials sought by the Archives include:

Wartburg College Archives

Wartburg College Archives – accepts noncurrent records of administrative, academic, student, and alumni departments and organizations of Wartburg College; all official college publications or student created publications; materials written by faculty, staff, students, administrators and alumni; maps, blueprints and other information about campus buildings; photographs, audiovisual materials or artifacts of college events; and any other materials related to documenting the history of Wartburg College.

Archives of Iowa Broadcasting

Archives of Iowa Broadcasting – accepts materials that tell the story of radio and television in Iowa. This includes audiovisual recordings, oral history interviews, corporate records, records of professional organizations, photographs and scrapbooks, schedules and log sheets, and promotional materials and artifacts.

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