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Archives of Iowa Broadcasting: Oral History Index

AIB establishes and maintains a permanent collection of materials relating to the history, development and contribution of radio and television in Iowa.

Index of Interviews

Allen, George   KLGA CEO/Owner Price, Grant
Allen, Tom May-07 KWWL Station Manager Stein, Jeff
Ball, Rollin 11/16/2017 KWWL, KVTV/KCAU Engineer Madsen, Dave
Baumert, Wanda & Earl 9/21/2000 WOC Owner of WOC Theatre model (Radio Digest contest) Stein, Jeff
Becker, Sam 7/29/1999 University of Iowa Professor Price, Grant
Beecher, Mike 3/6/2003 KWWL, KTIV, WHO News Director Price, Grant
Beecher, W. Louis 6/25/1996 Black Hawk Broadcasting Board Attorney Price, Grant
Beecher, W. Louis (& other Trustees)   Black Hawk Broadcasting Board Attorney  
Bolster, Bill 1/19/2002 KWWL, WNBC, CNBC Manager Price, Grant
Bolster, Bill 7/13/2016 KWWL, WNBC, CNBC Manager  
Bradley, Jim 7/18/2004 Black Hawk Broadcasting   Vice President Price, Grant
Brockman, Cliff Mar-01 KCAU, WQAD, WHBF, Wartburg News Director, Producer, Professor Stein, Jeff
Brockman, Cliff 7/17/2008 KCAU, WQAD, WHBF, Wartburg News Director, Producer, Professor Price, Grant
Brooks, Bob 8/19/2003 KCRG, KHAK, KMRY Sports Price, Grant
Brown, Bob Aug-06   Waterloo Civic Leader Price, Grant
Brudtkuhl, Chuck 8/16/2002 NW Bell Telco Engineer Price, Grant
Bruner, Bob   WMT    
Buckmaster, Raleigh 4/18/2006 McElroy Trust Board son of Robert Buckmaster Price, Grant
Busiek, Dave 7/9/2003 WHO, KCCI, RTNDA RTNDA President Price, Grant
Carpenter, George 6/16/2005 WHO, IPTV General Manager Price, Grant
Chamberlin, Dorothy 6/25/1997 WJAM Singer Price, Grant
Christensen, Ross May-07 McElroy Trust Board   Stein, Jeff
Coleman, Rick May-07 KWWL Sports Director Stein, Jeff
Coloff, Tony 5/14/2015 KIOW Vice President of Programming Borg, Dean
Cooney, Kevin Mar-01 KRNT, KCCI News Anchor Stein, Jeff
Cooney, Kevin 7/17/2005 KRNT, KCCI News Anchor  
Cummins, Dottie 8/1/1996 WMT Widow of sports broadcaster Tait Cummins Price, Grant
Custer, Carole Aug-04 KGLO News Anchor, Reporter Price, Grant
Dennis, Ray 3/21/2017   Borg, Dean
Dihlman, Eugene (with Schneider/Gideonson) 8/4/1998 KROS Sportscaster, Manager/Owner Price, Grant
Drilling, John 10/13/2006 KWWL Personality Price, Grant
Dumond, Joe Jr. 7/20/1997 KXEL Son of founder Mathis, Liz
Estes, Simon 3/29/2006   Vocalist Price, Grant
Falk, Bruce & Karenann Manley 3/27/2003   Children of Florence Falk, "The Farmer's Wife" Price, Grant
Falk, Ed 7/12/1995 KWWL News Director Price, Grant
Frederickson, Rick 6/14/2007 IPR, KCCI, CBS   Davison, George
Ganahl, Jym 8/12/2005 KWWL Meteorologist Price, Grant
Gayman, Vaughn (with Gordon Kilgore) 7/2/1996 WDBQ News Director Price, Grant
Gibbons, Steve 6/18/2002 KRNT  Personality Stein, Jeff
Gideonson, Margaret (with Dihlman/Schneider) 8/4/1998 KROS Host Price, Grant
Gonder, Ron 9/21/2000 WMT, KRNT Sportscaster  Price, Grant
Grant, Jackie   WMT Host  
Greco, Leo 3/19/1997 WMT Band leader, Personality Price, Grant
Grimes, Pam Hildebrand 7/15/2006 KWWL News Anchor, Reporter Price, Grant
Hake, Mrs. Herb 6/15/2000 UNI Broadcasting Widow of founder Price, Grant
Harrison, Chuck 5/8/2003 WHBF News Director Price, Grant
Harter, Robert W. 8/26/1998 Palmer Broadcasting, WHO Manager Price, Grant
Heath, Harold 12/2/1998 WOC Vice President Price, Grant
Heath, Harold   WOC Vice President Uker, Don
Heinz, Al   KGLO Farm Director Price, Grant
Henry, Jim 7/13/2000 KCAU, KTIV Host of "Canyon Kid" Price, Grant
Herbst, Edna 5/27/1998 KCRG Editorialist, Vice President, Assistant General Manager Price, Grant
Hogue, Bob 1/2/2004 KWWL, Iowa Television Network   Price, Grant
Hunting, Duane 6/3/1998 KWWL Weathercaster Price, Grant
Jenkins, Carl 7/27/1995 KUNI Speaking about Herb Hake Price, Grant
Jensen, Martin 4/24/2001 WMT News reporter Price, Grant
Johnson, Conrad 10/16/1996 WMT Meteorologist Price, Grant
Johnson, Robert 8/8/2001 WMT News anchor Price, Grant
Kampfe, Doris 6/20/2003 KWWL Children's show host Price, Grant
Keller, Elliot Mar-02 KRNA, KZIA Owner/manager Stein, Jeff
Kerrigan, Jack 8/11/1996 WHO Program director, Personality Price, Grant
Kilgore, Gordon (with Vaughn Gayman) 7/2/1996 KDTH News Director Price, Grant
Kintzer, Cortney 7/9/2003 WHO, KRNT, KCCI Photojournalist Price, Grant
Kline, Lee 6/14/2007 WHO Farm department Davison, George
Klinger, Linda May-06 R.J. McElroy Trust Director Stein, Jeff
Krejci, Charles Mar-09 WSUI, WMT Performer Stein, Jeff
Magid, Frank 6/21/2001   Broadcast consultant Price, Grant
Mathis, Liz Apr-07 KWWL, KCRG News anchor Stein, Jeff
McElhinney, Naomi 6/12/1996 KWWL Secretary to RJ McElroy Price, Grant
McLane, Peter 6/19/2002 KIOA, KSO, KGGO Personality, Station Manager Stein, Jeff
Michaelson, Ron 8/19/2004 WMT, KWWL Farm Director Price, Grant
Minnick, Mark 7/8/2008 WOC Radio News Director Price, Grant
Mitchell, Forrest "Frosty" 7/14/1998 KGRN Owner, Personality, Sportscaster Price, Grant
Nance, Bob 3/27/1997 WMT Farm Director Price, Grant
Nixon, Dave Sr. 7/25/2002 KCAU, KTIV, WHO News Anchor Price, Grant
Noonan, Bonnie & Tim 7/24/2003 KWWL Host of "Romper Room" Price, Grant
Peak, Eugene 7/8/1998 KFJB Son of founder Earl Peak Price, Grant
Pedersen, Helen 6/12/2001   Donor of 1920s Atwater Kent radio in AIB collection Price, Grant
Peterson, Tom 7/13/2003 KWWL, WGN News Anchor, News Director Price, Grant
Petrick, Fred "Mombo   WMT Mombo the Clown on "Dr. Max and Mombo"  
Petrik, Dick 6/17/1997 KOEL News Director Price, Grant
Plambeck, Herb 5/10/1995 WHO Farm Director Price, Grant
Plummer, Rick 6/9/1998   Broadcast historian Price, Grant
Porter, Jimmie 8/8/1995 KBBG President/founder Price, Grant
Price, Grant (PART 1) (PART 2) Mar-01 KTRI, KXEL, WMT, KWWL, Wartburg News Anchor, News Director, Professor Stein, Jeff
Quarton, William B. 6/14/1994; 8/8/1994 WMT CEO  Price, Grant
Ray, Dottie 8/15/1997 KXIC Personality Price, Grant
Ray, Dottie 8/11/2014 KXIC Personality Borg, Dean
Raymer, Steve   Pavek Museum of Broadcasting   Uker, Don
Rhoades, Paul (PART 1)(PART 2) 8/19/1999 KRNT, KCCI Managing Editor, News Anchor Price, Grant
Rhyne, Don 7/8/2008 WOC News Anchor Price, Grant
Riley, Bill 7/8/1999 KRNT, IPTV Personality, Host Price, Grant
Roberts, Helen 5/28/2001 WMT Widow of newscaster Bill Roberts  Price, Grant
Roberts, Ralph "Howdy" 8/1/1996 WMT Morning radio personality Price, Grant
Ross, Brian 4/1/2006 KWWL, ABC, NBC   Price, Grant
Sanders, Ben   KICD Owner Sanders, Bill
Sarnoff, Gary 7/15/2006 KWWL News Anchor, Reporter Price, Grant
Schield, Wilbur 6/26/1998 WMT Singer Price, Grant
Schneider, Don (with Dihlman/Gideonson) 8/4/1998 KROS Manager Price, Grant
Scholl, Christopher 3/30/2006 KWWL, Dateline NBC Producer Price, Grant
Schrock, Al 8/30/2002 KFJB General Manager, News Director Stein, Jeff
Seldon, Sam (PART 1)(PART 2) 7/13/2000 KTRI, KSCJ Broadcast engineer, Historian Price, Grant
Shay, Dave     WMT, KGAN News Anchor, Reporter Price, Grant
Shelley, Jack 6/8/1995 WHO News Director Price, Grant
Shelley, Jack 7/17/2002 WHO News Director Price, Grant
Steele, Ron Mar-01 KWWL News Anchor Stein, Jeff
Steinle, Dave   KBUR Owner/manager J.K. Martin
Stone, Don 8/24/1999 KSCJ, KITV Personality, Host Price, Grant
Threlkeld, Richard 10/29/2002 WMT, CBS, ABC Correspondent Price, Grant
Turner, Bill (PART 1) (PART 2) 2/23/2003     Price, Grant
Van Nostrand, Lew   WMT, KGAN Vice President Uker, Don
Vernier, Doug 8/22/2002 KUNI General Manager Price, Grant
Waterbury, Jim 3/29/2001 KWWL General Manager Price, Grant
Wilbanks, Bob 8/27/2004 WHO News Anchor, Reporter Price, Grant
Wilson, Ross   WMT Chief Engineer Price, Grant
Woods, Dale May-06 KWWL Station Manager Stein, Jeff
Young, Rick May-06 McElroy Trust Board Trustee Stein, Jeff