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EN 115: College Composition

Library Class Materials 3/6/2024

Library Class Materials 1/17

Do you have a good foundation?

The basic will support your EN 115 research needs

The basics:

  • OneSearch: how to search and use the filtering options on the side of the results page
  • ProQuest OneAcademic: what it searches and how to use the filtering options on the side of the results page
  • Basic search commands: phrases (using quotes), wildcard (asterisks), and Boolean (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Evaluation: 3 Questions
    • What is it? Identify the source type fully
    • Why do I care? Why does this source type specifically meet your need?
    • What does it really say? Are there hidden meanings in the words and information used?

Or, Enhance and Advance

If you're ready to enhance and advance, check out the skills on the LibHacks guide

You can learn about discerning tricky article types, using WorldCat to order books from other libraries, making Subject Terms work for you, and more.

Evaluation: Three questions

What is it? Why do I care? What does it really say?

You answer these three questions every time you use a source, whether you know it or not.

  • Whether it is a website or a scholarly journal article...
  • Whether it is for a 1st-year course or real life...

Start noticing how you answer these questions to ensure your sources are really meeting your needs.


The Three Questions:

  • What is it: What is the source type and author credibility?
    • Quick Wikipedia checks are okay! You can also compare what other source say about that source.
  • Why do I care: Does the source type and author credibility meet your needs?
    • Decide this at the beginning so you know whether to read the material or find something better.
  • What does it really say: Perceive how the word choices influence the knowledge.
    • The author's word choices, included and excluded information, and the aim of the publication all make a difference in how or why you would use a source.

Evaluation 3 Questions infographic

Evaluation infographic

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