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Psychology Courses & Research: Websites

PsycINDEX Videos on YouTube


APA has created videos to assist you in using their database tools.  Check out the APA databases on EBSCOhost content.

Recommended Websites

  • American Psychological Association Page is an introduction to library research in psychology.
  • The Buros Institute of Mental Measurements has more than a half-century history of serving the public interest and advancing the field of mental measurements.
  • Careers in Psychology was created to search for information about psychology careers, psychology education, psychology internships, and psychology jobs, as well as licensure information.
  • Child and Family WebGuide (Tufts University) is a directory that evaluates, describes and provides links to hundreds of sites containing child development research and practical advice.
  • American Psychoanalytic Association is a professional organization for education, research, practice and advocacy and includes specialized journals and resources.
  • Psych-Web is a good site for psychology information.
  • Psychology Virtual Library From the University of Florida, the Psychology WWW Virtual Library provides access to thousands of websites about psychology from client-centered therapy to the history of the discipline.

Finding Scholarly and/or Credible Sites

Evaluating What You Find

PATS: Acronym for Evaluation indicators
Purpose Is the intent to INFORM or PERSUADE?
Authority Scholar? Journalist? Experienced in the topic? Whatever it is, what does it mean in the context of history? Of a country? Of a time period?
Timeliness Depends on your topic whether currency is important
Scope Do you want something that covers the topic broadly, specifically, or in-depth? (e.g., respectively, encyclopedias, news or scholarly articles, and books)