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Music Therapy - Courses & Research: ARTICLES 3
Search all at once

Music Therapy--what will search more than one database at once?

1. Music Therapy doesn't have one specific database like some disciplines do. Since OneSearch can search all our databases at once, that would seem like the best choice, but of course, nothing in life is perfect.

2. You can choose to search a group of specific databases that are known to include music therapy articles in either Proquest or EBSCO (these will be different searches, so depending on your needs, you may do both of these things). In Proquest, choose Proquest Central, PsychArticles and PsychInfo. In EBSCO, choose ERIC, Education Research Complete, Health Source (Nursing/Academic), SocIndex, and RILM.

3. Google Scholar ( should be able to also search all our databases and link you to full text, both free online and available through Wartburg. This is a fine choice, although you may be better served in PubMed.

Search Tips & Experimental Research Articles

Use phrases and be specific with your keywords; be flexible:

  • "music therapy" AND autistic AND preschool
    • Didn't get very many results
  • Changed it to this, which is more general: "music therapy" AND autism AND children

Search for synonyms like this:

(elderly OR "older people" OR "older adults" OR geriatric)

  • In this example, the parentheses are important--they tell the database to keep that whole phrase together as a command when searching. Some databases will give you the OR option in their provided search boxes--read the screen to know.

Know the difference between Experimental Research Articles and Other Types

  • Experimental Research Articles describe an actual experiment (quantitative or qualitative) performed by the author(s). These articles will include the typical sections found in scientific primary research articles: introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion.
    • The methods section in particular will describe an actual experiment created and performed by the author(s).
  • Other Types of Research Articles will often include words such as "literature review," "systematic review," "meta-synthesis," or "meta-analysis."