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Physiology of Exercise

What is a Reference Source?

Reference Sources are an excellent place to start seeking information!

  1. They serve as a credible introduction to your topic, issue, or concern.
  2. They help you to identify critical issues connected with a topic.
  3. They clarify unfamiliar dates or terms, pinpoint key themes, and assist in constructing a searchable vocabulary for your topic.
  4. Most reference sources (at least those in academic reference collections) are written by experts in the field selected for their topical knowledge. You can often search for additional research by the scholars who author or edit the materials. But a reference source might not even be called an encyclopedia--a source can give you background and overview simply by the type of information it is providing.
  5. Most list recommended sources or further readings on the topics discussed.  

Academic libraries buy or subscribe to a LOT of reference resources. They are a reputable starting point to launch questions that narrow your focus.

Highlighted References for PE, Health & Fitness Management

These are examples of reference books available at Vogel Library.

Online Overview Sources

These are reference databases that cover general information on multiple disciplines including PE & health topics.

For recommendations SPECIFIC to this discipline, see the "Find Articles" tab in this guide.


An example of a specific source from Oxford Reference Online is the Oxford Dictionary of Sport Science and Medicine.  There are many other similar materials or information in each of these databases.

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