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LibHacks: Advanced Searching Strategies

Looking to get more out of your searches? Ready to adapt to higher-level courses in your major? This guide will give you some advanced searching strategies--LibHacks--to take you to the next level.

Find a Book Review

Find a Book Review

Scholarly journals, trade journals, highbrow magazines, book review periodicals, and newspapers will all publish book reviews.

1. Search for the book title in quotes or use a keyword from your topic

  • If you know the book you want to find reviewed, type the title and put it inside quote marks.
    • You may have to add the author of the book, if the title is the same or similar to another book or a common phrase.
  • If you are simply looking for a review of any book on a topic, type your main keyword as a keyword.

2. Limit to Reviews, before or after the search

  • To search exclusively for reviews, look for an option to limit to reviews either on the Advanced Search screen of a database or along the side of the search results list after you enter keywords.
    • An example of selecting for reviews ahead of time, in JSTOR:
      • Screenshot of selecting for reviews in JSTOR
    • An example of limiting to reviews after performing a search, in RILM:
      • Screenshot of limiting to reviews in RILM

Nearly any of our databases, including OneSearch, will have an option to limit to book reviews, so start your search on the library homepage and go from there.

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