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History Courses & Research: HI 343 Colonialism

HI 343: Colonialism & Culture

This guide contains specific tips for research for your course. For more generally-applicable research tips, see the rest of the pages on this History Courses & Research Guide!

Overview Sources in Databases

Overview Sources in Print

Databases with Articles Relevant to Colonialism Research

Websites for Colonialism Research

Search for web resources as you would for anything else--evaluating for credibility and appropriateness. Have a plan ahead of time.

Types of websites to explore:

  • Museums, libraries, and online archives of other countries.
    • Often these will be in other languages unless the country was colonized by the British, so use as per your language abilities.
    • Often these are surfaced through simple Google queries (no tricks needed).
  • Government agencies of colonized countries that have departments related to culture & the colonized past.
    • Same comments as above.
  • Official websites for famous people from colonized countries.
    • This is useful if they worked on issues of culture and identity--often, authors from these countries have commentary on these topics.

Search Strategies for books--Noticing subject terms

Keywords may work well for your topic when searching for books, but also notice what subject terms are on good records. You may miss out on some useful resources if the subject terms are different from your keywords.

For example, this book:

Has these subject terms (notice "colonies," "france," and the name of the countries France is in):

This book:

Has these subject terms (notice again "colonies," "france," and the name of the country):

Additionally, be aware that there may be even more terms that surface sources for you.

Another word appears that isn't colonialism in this search:

And you see results you didn't before:

Stay inquisitive and open.