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History Courses & Research: HI 305 American Frontier

Go West, Young Man! (never mind you women, or, you know, the Native Americans already living there)

Encyclopedias--Two Examples (check call numbers first!)

Find this area in Reference or 1st Floor Stacks and browse for more American Frontier overview.

See the "Overview" tab on this guide for more tips!

More American Frontier overview/book/primary source examples

Specific American Frontier book search suggestions

1. Notice other subject terms on book record pages you can use as keywords or searches yourself:

2. See the "Book" tab on this guide for more tips!

Looking for articles or primary sources related to your topic?

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If you are searching for articles in OneSearch, here is how you get to the full text:

New York Times--American Frontier--you can view articles back to 1851

Sign up for your free pass to access to the NYT (next year, simply re-sign-up).
Access it anywhere, any device, even through the app, using that same account.

Especially useful--Times Machine and access to articles going back to 1851! This will look like reading microfilm on the screen. You can also search and order "Oldest First."