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Library Databases and Periodicals Alternatives for 21-22

This guide provides alternatives for the databases cut during the 21-2 school year.

Pinned Introduction

Several databases and periodical subscriptions are scheduled for cancellation during the 2021-22 school year.

Alternatives to these are listed on the relevant page tabs on this site!

For more in-depth alternatives, please contact the librarians directly!

Science databases/periodicals

Database Cut: CRC Handbook online

Content: The same content that is in the physical print book of the CRC Handbook

Alternative Source: CRC Handbook in print

We have the last several years' editions in our print Reference collection. You may use reference books in the library and scan as many pages as you wish, but you cannot check them out.

Database Cut: Annual Reviews

Science Periodicals

Print Access Cut: Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

We still get online access! PubMed accesses all JAMA content excluding the previous 12 months.

Print Access Cut: Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences (PNAS)

We still get online access! PubMed provides access to all PNAS content excluding the most recent 6 months. JSTOR provides access to all PNAS content excluding the most recent 3 years.

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