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MU 321: Music Therapy Research (Ashton)

Reviews of Literature in Articles


Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the literature on a specific topic. Includes a critical evaluation and discussion of the content.


  • To list existing research, evidence, and theories, as well as highlight gaps in these areas, to demonstrate an understanding of the topic.​

  • To critically evaluate and discuss the content of existing research, evidence, and theories, as well as discussing the gaps and need for more research and how this new research links to the gaps.​

  • Helps to frame the rest of the article. What they cover in the literature review should be a good example of what they used in their methodology for their own research. What things they considered.



  • Arranging the literature by themes. Helps to structure a discussion of research.​


  • Arranging the literature chronologically by when it was published. Helps to see developments in a field over time.​


  • Arranging by the methodology used (qualitative, quantitative, mixed). Helps to critique how research has been conducted, especially across several disciplines.​


  • Arranging by the theoretical approaches in the field. Examples: cognitive-behavior, psychodynamic, and humanistic. Helps to determine which theories have been investigated to what degree and how the theories relate to each other.

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