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Newspapers: Find Them: New York Times

A guide to finding Newspapers in Vogel Library and online.

Academic Pass Activation for the NYTimes

Vogel Library has purchased access to the New York Times for
students, faculty and staff at Wartburg.

To register for your academic pass:

1. Visit
new account welcome screen image


2. Click "Create Account". In the next screen, create an account using your Wartburg email address.

3. Click "Create Account". You should now be logged in to the NY Times website. You will receive a confirmation email in your Wartburg email inbox.

4. For future browsing, just go directly to the NY Times website & log in to your account for full access.

Students' access will last until graduation.

Faculty have access for 1-year, and it is renewable.


New York Times in Education

New York Times in Education

In addition to a campus- wide subscription to the Times for students and faculty, NYTimesInEducation provides resources for Educators with curated synopses that connect the news to specific areas of study, with exclusive content aggregated by keyword.  This content is curriculum-focused, including articles, videos, discussion questions and activity ideas. Each article is tagged by subject within the discipline and key learning objectives are listed for each article. These resources can be easily embedded into My Wartburg, email, or social media, and can also be used in the classroom or outside of it.

  • Resource areas include:
    • American Government
    • Biology
    • Business
    • Campaigns & Elections
    • Economics
    • Environmental Sciences
    • International Relations
    • Leadership
    • Psychology
    • Religious Studies
    • Writing and English Composition

To register:

  1. Go to .
  2. Sign up using your Wartburg email address.

Current Subscribers

Already subscribe to NYT?

For account holders who currently have a New York Times subscription (print or digital):

1. Each subscriber needs to decide if they want to continue their personal NY Times Subscription. Vogel Library’s subscription does not include the crossword or the Premium edition. If you would like to cancel your own personal subscription, you can call 800-591-9233 to make those arrangements. It takes up to 48 hours for an account to reset once it has been canceled.

2. Once your account has reset, open your browser of choice (Safari, Mozilla, Explorer, etc) while on campus and go to

3. Click "Log in"

4. Enter the same email address or username affiliated with your old account. (You are then welcome to change the email affiliated with the account in the "My Account" page found under your username.)

You are now subscribed to the NY Times and can go directly to to view content from a web enabled or mobile device.