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Education Research: ED 230 - Teaching in Secondary Education

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This page offers supplemental information for ED 230 - Teaching in Secondary Education. Here you will find information that is unique to your class and assignments!

Why Certified School Librarians?


Advocacy from the American Association of School Libraries (AASL)

Advocacy Brochures

AASL advocacy brochures are a tool to help school librarians generate and guide discussion with stakeholders about quality school library programs. 

Benefits of School Libraries

"If you don't have a certified teacher librarian, you don't have a library. You have a room with stuff in it." -Mike Eisenberg, Dean of the Information School at the University of Washington

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So you have to find a journal??

To see a list of Education Journals Click Here!

If you are searching for a specific journal and you know the title already, it's easy to find it in the catalog:

  • Just go to the Vogel Library Journals page and search the title in the box. 

If you aren't sure of a journal title: 

Partnerships with Teacher Librarians

Distinct Roles of Teacher Librarians:

1. Reading advocate

2. Information literacy specialist

3. Information manager -- chief information officer [CIO] of the school.

Developing a Disposition Toward Inquiry

AASL standards School and Academic Librarians Must Join Forces to Foster College Readiness