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Education Research: ED 215 - Psychology of the Exceptional Child

Welcome to the Course Page!

This page offers supplemental information on education as it impacts exceptional children. Here you will find information that is unique to your class and assignments!

Evaluate that Source!

Always look at your resources with an analytical eye!

Ask yourself:

•Who wrote this? Are they a credible source? Check their "about" page or research the author.
•How was this data collected? Is the collection method reliable? How did they survey people? What percentage of the target population was data collected from? 
•How old is this information? Is it out of date? Does the timeliness matter for your argument? 
•What is the purpose of this information? Who is the target audience?

Education Research

The questions that pre-service educators pose often relate to professional practice, psychological, and social factors that influence learning.

This course deals with specific populations: 

  • students with mental or physical disabilities,
  • at-risk students,
  • talented & gifted students,
  • English-language learners.

Research using credible sources can help you in exploring identification of such students, understanding of developmental processes, implementing educational procedures or writing appropriate lessons, acquiring assistive technologies, recognizing legal issues, and investigating media and websites to use as you instruct others or further your own understanding.