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Education Research: ED 100 - Foundations of American Education

Welcome to the Course Page!

This page includes supplemental information for ED 100 - Foundations of American Education. Use these resources in addition to the tabs above to jump start your research.

Search Strategy for Finding an Idea

When finding an article from your field of study, keep the following in mind...


  • You will find it in a professional or scholarly journal article.
  • That journal must be published within the past 10 years.

5 tips for accomplishing this goal:

  1. Look for articles in education journals in the Vogel Library print collection.
  2. Look for articles in appropriate education databases that are available full-text online and limit to articles from journals.
  3. Search for useful keywords when using databases: consider looking at the built-in subject thesaurus for ideas.
  4. Read the abstract to see if the article meets your needs.
  5. Look at the suggested subjects used by a possible article: you may get additional ideas for further searching.


Examples of Professional Journals for Educators @ Vogel



Teachers & Teaching

Sciences & Mathematics

Reading/Language Arts/ English/Languages

Fine Arts /Music/Art

Social Studies/History

 Physical Education/Health

Special Education

Early Childhood Education

Technology in Education

Writing Article Reviews

Article reviews expose you to current educational thoughts and practices. Find them in professional education or subject-specific journals.

A summary of the article will contain these components:

  • Complete bibliographic citation in APA format
  • Summary paragraph
  • Your understandings from the article
  • "So What?" -- a reflection paragraph of how the information relates to your personal teaching situation. Agree or disagree with the information.

Be sure to refer to your syllabus for more details about your article review requirements!

Where can I find even more journals?

Not seeing the journal you want...

If you are searching for a specific journal and don't see it here, it's easy to find if we have it in the catalog:

  1.  Just go to the Vogel Library Journals  page. 
  2.  Type in the name of the journal.
  3.  The results will tell you if that journal is available in print on the first floor of the library or if can be linked to as full-text online.