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Education Research: Common Core
& Standards

Iowa & U.S. Educational Agencies

Recommended Core Standards

The vision for the Iowa Core is to ensure the success of each and every student by providing a world-class curriculum. The Iowa Core is designed to improve achievement of all students, preparing them for the world of work and lifelong learning. It identifies the essential content and instruction of critical content areas that all students must experience.

Common Core Resources

Education Accreditation


Info. Literacy Standards for Teachers

The main purposes of the Information Literacy Standards (IL) for Teacher Education are to:

  • Guide teacher education faculty and instruction librarians in developing information literacy instruction for teacher education students.
  • Enable the evaluation and assessment of such instruction and curricula through benchmarking outcomes.

The Standards also aim to lead teacher education students to consider how they might integrate information literacy into their future curriculum, instruction, and assessment activities once a member of the teaching profession.