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Education Research: Overview

Vogel Library's Curriculum Collection

The special collection supports Wartburg students in becoming competent in learning styles, multimedia technologies, subject expertise, classroom assessments, reflective teaching effectiveness, and personal growth and improvement.

Check out the collection to find reading materials in a variety of formats that are appropriate for children and young adults by offering a collection of award-winning or curricular-enhancing resources to prospective teachers.

Collections include:

  1. Juv Easy (picture books)
  2. Juvenile JY fiction (fiction books for children and young adults)
  3. Juvenile JY nonfiction  (preK-12 factual books written at their reading levels)
  4. Curriculum (teaching materials for educators)
  5. Curriculum Reference (dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, etc. about children's resources and/or teaching)
  6. Curriculum Big Book (extra-oversize books for use with a class)

Online Overview Sources

Core Collections for Teachers

What are the best books to purchase for a school collection or as supplemental materials for classroom activities? Core Collections can help you find these core titles based on:

Topics of Interest Grade Level 
Award Books Book Reviews
Authors Reading Level     
Series Countries or Languages
Publishers Much more...!

Print Education References

There are many overview sources available in the library's collection that cover issues in education. If you don't know how to search for them in our library's online catalog, ask a librarian for help.