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English Courses & Research: EN 202

Consultation Assignment

USE THE REST OF THE ENGLISH GUIDE for information on books, articles, etc.

The items linked below are just a few examples specific to your course.

Encyclopedias related to this topic

Check the Reference Shelves (when you first enter the 1st floor area) and in the regular stacks for more great books.

Ol' Wikipedia

By now you should be used to not relying on Wikipedia for your academic research, but note that you can certainly exploit its reference lists--in fact, exploiting reference lists is one of the standard academic research practices, wherever you find a good bibliography.

I have found, through extensive experimentation, though, that exploiting WikiP's list wastes some (though not all) of my time, because not everyone contributing to the article knows the difference between a good and poor source. YOU should know, and this will keep you on the right track.

A Few Books related to the topic

These and many more books are right here on our shelves.

Books are great for giving you context, so I have included mostly examples of that kind. Of course, we have many books commenting on authors and works themselves!

DVDs related to this topic

We have several great informative films on topics that apply to this course.

Browse the DVD shelves 1st floor OR search in the catalog and limit to DVDs or Audio/Visual.

We may also have documentaries in Films on Demand.