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COM 112 - Oral Communication: Vogel Library

ProQuest Central: Scholarly and News Sources

Databases are full of scholarly journal articles, news sources, magazine articles, and more! The key is using the limiters available to you to narrow your search. When your assignment requires "peer reviewed" sources, you will want to dig into a Vogel Library database to access those materials. 

Pre-Research: Reference Sources

Still getting a handle on your topic? Need some background information before you even dig into your research? Reference sources are great for gathering an overview and brainstorming keywords worth searching. They also may offer references you want to seek out and read more fully. WARNING: While these sources are great for pre-research and locating relevant research to trace back to the source, these sources are not meant to be cited in their entirety in your academic work. Sort of like how Wikipedia is an amazing tool for gathering information and locating sources, but does not appear in your academic work. 

Use OneSearch to find everything!

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Results will show books, articles, DVDs, Scores, and more!

Keep In Mind

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This page provides resources for all of your research this semester. Each speech asks for you to fulfill differing information needs. Those needs will inform what type of sources you should use. In addition, the time period in which your event happened, will affect what types of materials are available for your topic.

Your Librarian

In partnership with your classroom professor, I want to see you succeed and grow as scholars and citizens. Feel free to reach out to me at anytime for either a quick question or a longer research consulation.

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