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Music Therapy - Courses & Research: Books
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What can Book Sources do for you?

What can book sources do for you?

  • Deep-dive into a topic for a length of time
  • Gather lots of studies together for you
  • Have a chapter or two that's very useful
  • Have an introduction that gives you background

Music Therapy Books Here

Browse the shelves:

Music therapy is interdisciplinary, so all our books related to the topic are not all in one place. The main locations you may find sources are listed below, but even these are not the only locations (for example, you may also find music therapy-relevant books in the biology or neuroscience sections).

  - 615.85154 (the actual "music therapy" call number)
  - 616.89165-616.891654 (the "Brain--Diseases" call number)
  - 781.1-781.15 (aesthetics)

A few examples from our collection that show the difference in call number areas:

We have many more books--search or browse the shelves to find them!

Use OneSearch to find books and other physical items in the library

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Search for ebooks, books, DVDs, CDs, print journals, scores, and other physical items in the library.

Streaming Video

Streaming video database with documentaries on almost any topic.

Borrowing from Other Libraries (free!)

Option 1: WorldCat (libraries around the world--more options)

  1. Get to WorldCat on the Databases A-Z page.
  2. Search.
  3. Select format if necessary.
  4. Choose the item.
  5. Click the ILL link. Login if necessary.
  6. Fill in any additional information.
  7. Submit.

Option 2: OneSearch searching FastTrac (regional libraries)

  1. Search OneSearch as usual.
  2. Choose FastTRAC libraries from the drop-down.
  3. Choose the item (does not have to be a book).
  4. Login to see the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) link.
  5. Click the ILL link to login.
  6. -7. As above.

Login to the Interlibrary Loan link on the homepage to see your list of requests to check status, cancel, copy, and more.